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it on your feet, you feel it with the cane i have. it lets you know that f you're almost on the edge. >> 65 have the tiles already in place. ten others will have them by 2015. including the twin brooks station, where the installation is underway. the 11 remaining stations still need funding. >> the bumpy tiles need to be in our key stations. these are transfer points and stations that have the most activity. >> metro points out it is already in full compliance with the americans with disabilities act. the ada. >> so that requirement was met a long time ago, so everything that we're doing now is over and above what is required. it is basically being done in the interest of our customers. >> metro insists its intent is to have the bumpy tiles installed in all of its stations. since that takes funding and construction work that is
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disruptive to customers, it will be done in phases. >> they have to be safe and accessible for people who are blind and for everybody. the faster they can do that, the better. >> metro has a second warning system at all of its stations. that's the granite and flashing lights at the end of each plform. in alexandria, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> some controversial proisrael ads will go up throughout the metro transit system over the weekend. take a look at these. the ad says any war between the silized man and the savage, support the civilized man. a judge ruled today the ads have to go up no later than monday. metro officials delayed putting up the posters. they were worried about violent reaction in the wake of the innocence of muslims controversy. what do you think? these should ads be allowed inside the metro trains and stations? or is it a matter of free speech? drop us a line and your
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comments will be on the air come monday. all right, we have some breaking news for you out of charles county. you are looking at live pictures from sky 9. county sheriff department is investigating a possible drowning at the trinity lake a spokeswoman says a group of people were fishing and one guy fell out of the boat and never came back up. crews have been looking for that person. for the first time in nearly four year, the unemployment rate dipped below 8%. according to new figures, the jobless rate fell from 8.1% down to 7.8% last month. the economy also added 114,000 jobs and that good news fueled a fantastic finish for the dow this afternoon. it closed out at 13610. it's good news for president obama. no president has been reelected or, should i say, since the depression, with unemployment above 8%. but campaigning in virginia today, mitt romney says there is a reason unemployment sits
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at 7.8%. >> the reason it's come down is due to the fact that more and more people have just stopped looking for work. and if you drop out of the work force, if you give up and say look, i can't go back to work, i'm going to stay home. if you drop out all together, you aren't part of the employment statistics. >> president obama spent part of his day in virginia as well and speaking at a rally in george mason in fairfax. >> i'm surae chin on the campaign trail at george mason university in fairfax, virginia, where the president spoke. the first speaking event in virginia since the debate. >> more americans entered the work force. more people are getting jobs. >> it was his first talk in the battleground state of virginia since his performance at wednesday night's debate. >> in if anything, it would be positive job numbers and that's what he honed in on. >> it's a reminder that this country has come too far to turn back now. >> in a room full of supporters, a setting is more
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comfortable with. >> fired up the crowd. >> these voters say he bounced back. >> i think he is amazing. he knows what he says and he's passionate about everything. the president seemed to make up for the debate, taking jabs at his opponent's comments about cutting funding to pbs. >> for all you moms and kids out there, don't worry. somebody is finally getting tough on big bird. if you'll vote for me in november, we will win a fairfax county again. we'll win virginia again. we'll finish what we started. >> at george mason university, surae chin, 9news now. >> simply gorgeous day out there today. here's a live look outside right now as the sunsets. erica is out on the weather terrace. erica, the rest of the evening going to be nice, too? >> it is. we'll see temperatures p a little bit, of course, because the sun has gone done. otherwise, it's looking fantastic. i don't need a jacket yet. i love it. all right, we do have some concerns for the allergy
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sufferers. the mold spores are very high right now. everything else is low. i do expect the ragweed to start going up again in the near future, though, because it is ragweed season. today we got up to 83 degrees. well above our average and with low humidity today, too, it just felt fantastic. when i step back inside, i'll tell you more about some big changes for the columbus day holiday that are coming in your seven-day forecast. i'll have all those details for you. derek, back to you. >> anks. a bank robbery caused chaos near dupont circle this afternoon. it happened in connecticut just before noon. a crook handed the teller a note demanding money and then dropped the package while making get away. area streets had to be shut down for a few hours while explosive experts took care of that package. now to an update on a growing number of meningitis cases. all tentatively linked to one source of tainted medication. health providers are rushing in to notify patients all over the country.
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they may be at risk after receiving the medication to treat pain. centers for disease control says so far, at least 47 people in virginia, maryland, and five other states have contracted fungal meningitis and five of them have died. the number of cases is expected to grow. symptoms beginning somewhere between 1 to 4 weeks after the injection occurred. of course, the investigation is still on going. >> health officials say about 75 facilities in 23 states may have received that medication. that is believed to be linked to these cases. it is steroids from a place called new england compounding center in massachusetts. all right d.c. drinkers, you will have the opportunity to party all night this weekend. the city is putting a new policy into effect allowing extended bar time the day before a holiday. that means sunday night into monday, columbus day, bars can serve alcohol until 4:00 a.m. 42 bars and restaurants have permission to do that. the move could raise $3 million in revenue from all that
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alcohol sales. >> we have never seen a spike like this. this is brand-new territory. >> talking gas prices there. they shot up an average of 17 cents overnight in the state of california. now while the median price is now $4.49, some gas stations are charging $6 a gallon. the so-called perfect storm in california is causing all this. recent fire at a refinery, a power failure at another plant, and also a pipeline shutdown. by the way, here in the d.c. metro, we are paying about $3.73 a gallon on average. ground breaking today for the district 7 police station in prince georges. it's out on fort washington road near livingston road. chief mark mcgraw says this will bring officers into the heart of community and reduce response times for that area. hundreds of women going topless on facebook to bring awareness to ptsd. ashley wise says she came up with the pledge to battle bear out of desperation. she became exhausted trying to get help for her husband.
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he is struggling with ptsd at fort campbell. >> i felt like streaking -- because maybe a naked woman would get attention. i decided to do a photo campaign and it was a god moment. pledged pictures, ten minutes later, it was on facebook. >> the rest is history. this is the picture wise took. in addition to her husband, wise says her crew crusades. more than a billion people all over this world live on a dollar a day. could you pull that off? we'll talk to a student who did it and made an inspiring film about the adventure. and right after the break, five educators in hot water tonight after a teacher, student, sex scandal rocks a suburban high school.
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the curiosity rover up there on mars will get to try out its scoop over the weekend. this is an animation of how the spacecraft touched wn on mars. this happened back in august. now, that rover is on a mission to scoop up martian sand and figure out what it's made of. nasa experts say the sand will serve as a mouthwash for the rover to clean the hardware. all this scooping and washing gets going on saturday. well a teacher, student sex scandal is rocking one community. three male teachers at a camden county new jersey high school are accused of having sex with students. investigators say the principal and vice principal work to protect those people instead of the students. the prosecutor says the relationships grew out of social media as well as interactions outside of school. >> we uncovered evidence of exchanges of sexually explicit text messages during instructional periods. and a trip to the shore involving the teachers and their victims as well as other
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students. >> the female students are all 17 or 18 years old. all five educators facing a slew of charges. hope you enjoyed that weather out there today. things are about to change. erica grow will be along in a minute with a lock at your full forecast. it's tough out there this weekend. and right after the break, four students travel to guatemala to live on $1 a day. the mission? put the spotlight on world poverty. you'll meet one of those students up next.
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can you imagine living on just $1 a day? it's not actually a choice for more than a billion people living around the world who exist in poverty. before students decided to give it a try. with $56. the guys filmed everything, all in the effort to fight world poverty. joining me now is zach and hanah. zach is the executive director and cofounder of living on one and hanah is the program director and cofounder. great to have you here. >> all right, i got to start with you. why do this? it does remind me of this federal official who is going to live on food stamps. they crushed him as a carpet bagger. are you worried about that criticism? >> well, the point of this was to bring awareness of the issue and to allow people to relate to such an extreme situation that a lot of times we don't know how to process. >> describe your first few
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days on $1 a day. what happened and what surprised you? >> it was really tough. and you know, we struggled so much and there was one morning when i woke up and i had been on a dirt floor with fleas all night and we didn't know if we would have enough money to pay for food that week. >> what did you eat? >> so we had a lot of rice and beans and some tortillas as well. >> and your health took a hit. >> i lost 18-pounds. >> did you wake up and say we are done? >> most days we were pretty close. it was really the people we met down there that inspired us to keep going and tell their stories. that's is a truly important story. >> tell me about the film and what you are hoping americans will get out of watching it. >> we see that this film had the potential to connect with students around an issue that most of us can't understand. and so we hope by this national
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tour we are on right now, that we can take this film and inspire them to take action. >> we already know in this country. we are fortunate. maybe some of the most fortunate people in the world. what is it you want to get beyond that? we're lucky, what about it? >> well, the first thing we think is, it's about awareness. it's about, you know, we are on facebook. you can find us when we are on a website and you can share our contact with friends and get them talking about it. the second thing is, do you take action? $25 is not a big impact on a woman. to bring herself out of poverty. >> a lot of folks these days are struggling. how do you get past that? >> um, you know, i think that is some of what we do in the film. it is about realizing what -- putting yourself in someone else's situation and realizing the reality of what that is like. >> so what is next for you guys? >> so we are on our fourth stop of the national tour, bringing it to over 20
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universities to unspire thousands of our peers to take action. we are living out of a school bus. and the other cofounder. so it's been quite an exciting ride. comes with its own whole different adventure. >> one quick thing, what was the first thing you ate when you got back here? >> a big old hamburger for sure. with bacon and avacado. >> zach and hanah, thank you for your time. best of luck on your tour. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. all right, let's go to erica. she has the forecast. erica. >> derek, we were very fortunate today. we had a gorgeous, gorgeous day. we got low 80s. now looking at a look at our weather cam. 74 degrees currently. it's 7:00 and the sun is going down. nice and comfortable down there. here's a look at the weather headlines. the great weather we had today is going to continue for us tonight. we do have big changes here in
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our forecast for columbus day weekend as we head into saturday, we'll see showers. a week cold front that moves through, but brings a big drop in temperature and another system arrives on sunday. weather for your sunday, a little bit of improvement on monday and that's good timing because a lot of people have off on monday. it's columbus day. we will see a change in our columbus day weekend forecast. right now, not too bad. it's 70 degrees in leesburg. 72 in frederick. it's 68 in gaithersburg. 72 degrees at andrew's air force base. those dew points in the 50s. keep things feeling nice and comfortable. we do have big changes on the way. here's the cold front that is approaching on satellite and radar. back behind that front, very cold air. you can see the white and purple shading here indicating the snow and ice that is forming back behind that system. we're not going to see that in our forecast, we are going to see a big dip in temperatures
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as that cold front makes its way toward us and another area of low pressure approaches. clear and comfortable, low humidity, as i mentioned before. 53 to 62 for your overnight lows with that southwest breeze continuing. saturday morning, still looks good. mostly sunny with temperatures in the 50s and 60s and an increase in cloud cover with that shower or storm possible as we head into the afternoon. now during the day tomorrow, 74 degrees in winchester. 76 in leesburg. 75 in warrenton. and 78 in manassas. looks like great weather as we head into the afternoon hours. i'm going to have to hit the hot button once again so we can get to our forecast over the next three days. that chance of a shower on saturday and code yellow on sunday because of pockets of heavy rain in the forecast. on monday, columbus day, it looks good. a stray shower lingering, but 64 degrees for the high. chilliest day is on sunday, 58 degrees there. now as you are heading back to work and school, that's when
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the weather starts to improve, 70 degrees for your high. lots of sunshine on tuesday and for the most part, it stays dry through the workweek. stick with us, 9news now at 7:00 will continue in a minute.
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in the mail bag tonight, major league reaction on the w usa9 facebook page. dawn is one of many who just wasn't buying it. perhaps it will be refactorred just after the election to the actual number. don't worry, it won't be page one news, it will be buried behind an expired coupon. when will they put emphasis on the group that dropped out of the job market. it took me a while, but i found out there are plenty of jobs out there. many people are refusing to take the job. a lot of temp agencies have
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plenty of jobs. david on the other hand sees a seasonal effect in the mix. holiday hiring only. so what's the big deal, channel 9? come out of the closet and state your true position by plugging for the waste that is in office. sorry, dave, wusa has no official position and though many are trying to say those jobless numbers are fixed, i got to see some proof beyond the fact that the numbers may benefit a president, you apparently don't support. and then, there was this e-mail from hue in virginia reacting to my remark yesterday suggesting that there was very little utility in owning a fish tank. an aquarium makes a great babysitter. they would watch for hours. we kept them at a safe distance and a close eye so they wouldn't tip it over. i'm glad it worked out for you. my brother and i had an aquarium and i can tell you, its main function, getting us both acquainted with two very important parts of life.
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cleaning and death. when the final tropical fish mercifully gave up, there was more celebration than sadness. the address is that's our report. i'll be right back at 11:00 along with erica. have a great night, we'll see you later. bye bye.
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"entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. oprah on obama today. what she's only telling "e.t.." >> do you think that i'm calling up the president? >> her candid reaction to the debate. plus, new george and stacy and the stars sounding off. >> i liked the debates. i thought that it was really interesting. >> as the presidential parodies start pouring in. ♪ i like big bird, i like pbs nicki versus mariah, round two. why is mariah surrounded by security. >> what we know about the "american idol" feud, behind closed doors. then, christina hendricks offended after being called full-figured. >> as a full-figured woman. >> you just said it again. and why is julia roberts crying? the story behind the shots. "e.t.'s" justin bieber week concludes with a peek inside justin's backstage closet.

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